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Required shots 

Preventive vaccination is required for all children attending public school in West Virginia. There is no religious or philosophical exemption available. Medical exemptions can be obtained through your physician and the WVDHHR. Information on this process can be found at . Current requirements for required vaccination for school attendance have been in effect for 3 years, so there is nothing new that parents should not know. Students who will be entering grades 7 and 12 have received multiple notices via phone messages, publications, and messages on report cards that these shots are required before they can start school in August 2016. Therefore, all shots will be required on the first day of school. Those who do not have these shots will be sent home and given an unexcused absence.

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School Nurses:            


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Teresa Ryan, RN, MSN, NCSN,
Lead Nurse

Lincoln County High School    
Duval PK-8 School    

304-824-3033 ext. 6249          


Hope Pate, RN, BSN Hamlin PK-8 School
Midway Elementary School
Ranger Elementary School

304-824-3033 ext. 6251

Jennifer McCann-Haddox, RN, BSN Guyan Valley Middle School
Harts PK-8 School
West Hamlin Elementary School

304-824-3033 ext. 6275

Nursing Support:       
Sherry Pridemore, LPN

School Health Secretary:      
 Kristie Linville          School Health News  304-824-3033 ext. 6240