Parent Letter for School Choice

August 5, 2010


Dear Parent/Guardian:

West Virginia’s public schools have been working hard to improve the performance of our students in reading, writing, and mathematics.  On state tests, most students are scoring well and are achieving mastery in these core subjects.  Our schools have shown that they can and will rise to high standards.


The federal law, No Child Left Behind, requires that schools that do not meet the state standards for two consecutive years are identified for school improvement.  An LEA must offer public school choice to all students in Title I schools identified for school improvement, corrective action or restructuring until the school is no longer identified for improvement. Children in Title I schools identified for improvement are eligible to attend another public school in the district not identified for improvement and may receive transportation to the school. Transportation costs required to implement public school choice will be paid for by the LEA utilizing Title I as well as other allowable federal, state, local, and private resources. If available funds are not sufficient to provide transportation to all students exercising the option to change schools, an LEA must give priority to the lowest achieving students from low income families.


Guyan Valley Middle School has not met the state standards for adequate yearly progress in Reading and Language Arts in the Special Education subgroup and Math in the Special Education subgroup.  As a result, you have the right to request that your child be transferred to Harts Intermediate School. Harts Intermediate School is a Title I School which contains grades five through grade 8 with a projected enrollment of approximately 150 students.  The school operates a middle school program for students in grades 6-8 and students in grade 5 are in self-contained classrooms.  The school is currently implementing the Learning-Focused Instructional Model.

Students with disabilities have special and specific needs. It may not be appropriate to offer students with disabilities the same school choices as offered to non-disabled students. In determining the choices available to disabled students, the county will match the abilities and needs of a student with disabilities with those schools that have the capability to provide appropriate services. Therefore, if the parent(s) of a student with a disability expresses an interest in exercising the school choice option, education representativeswill meet with the parent(s) to discuss their child’s specific needs in relation to choice option(s). The parent must request this meeting by calling the Lincoln County Central Office at 304-824-3033.


Lincoln County Schools will accommodate as many requests for transfers as possible. However, federal law requires that first priority must be given to the lowest income and lowest achieving students based on the results of the State assessment (WESTEST 2).  If you transfer your child to another school, s/he may remain in that school until s/he has completed the highest grade in the school. Yet, Lincoln County Schools will only assume the cost of the transportation until Guyan Valley Middle Schoolis no longer identified for school improvement. Your decision to exercise public school choice for your child should be based on what you feel is academically and socially best for your child.


The Guyan Valley Middle School staff will be re-evaluating the school’s strategic plan to identify ways to strengthen instructional and support programs for students as a result of not meeting adequate yearly progress and the state standards. Parent and community members are encouraged to work with the school in the development of the strategic plan.

If you choose to apply for the school choice option, please visit Lincoln County Board of Education Office in Hamlin to obtain a transfer form and return it to Rodney Hoover by August 2, 2011


There will be an informational meeting at Guyan Valley Middle School August 2, 2011 at five o’clock.  This meeting will provide additional information regarding the school choice option.  In addition, there will be discussion regarding school requirements to meet state standards and Adequate Yearly Progress as defined by federal legislation.  If you are considering the school choice option, I encourage you to attend this meeting, listen to the explanations provided, and ask relevant questions that will allow you to make an informed decision regarding school choice. We ask that you consider all factors before making your decision. Questions concerning this issue should be directed to Rodney Hoover or Charlene Coburn at 304-824-3033. 

(Please do not interpret this communication to say that you must transfer your child to another school.  You are not required to transfer your child to another school.)


List of current available schools:

  • Harts Intermediate School

List of Approved Providers FY 2011-2012