Preschool Special Needs

Preschool Special Education


Meridith Ramey 304.824.3033 Itinerant
Kristen McColgan 304.855.3173 Harts PK-8
Lori Woodrum 304.756.3121 Midway Elementary


Lora Adkins
304.524.2101 Duval PK-8

                                                                           Cooperative Agencies

WV Birth to Three
Region IV RAU: River Valley Child Development Services

Referral Hotline: 1-866-321-4728

Southwestern Community Action Council
Services: Headstart and Early Headstart
Hamlin Site Supervisor: Carmen Blankenship
Harts Site Supervisor: Loretta Adkins
Lincoln County Starting Points

Services: Emergency Baby Pantry, Infant/Toddler Play Group, Community Outreach

Contact: Hannah Adkins